03 May 2017

MAY 2017!

Another month flies by and its as crazy as ever at AWM! 

Firstly we recorded the second episode of 'Ask AWM' - a project set up to help up-and-coming musicians. In this episode we attemp to answer....

1) Should I play covers at gigs?

2) Should I gig for free?

3) How many times a day should I post oin Social media?

Check it out right here......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ3vAI6f6oM

Next up to feature on AWMTV was Thetford based singer-songwriter 'Ben Wheatley'. This 16 year old lad performed his original track 'Gentleman' and I just couldnt help but be blown away by the maturity in this guys performance and sogwriting ability! Just check this out!


Finally, I had a few minutes spare whilst setting up and testing a new mic the other day, so thought I'd do a quick little video for you guys of a track from one of my all time favourite artists - Tracy Chapman... Have a listen and please let me know what you think!



As always, for up-coming gig dates be sure to check out the 'Gigs' section of my website and be sure to come and see me live soon and say 'hi'!


Much Love,



12 April 2017

2017.... The year so far...

With the development of the AWMTV series reaching its 12th episode and topping well over a hundred thousand views so far, the year has continued to be as busy as EVER! I cannot thank you guys enough for your support with this project - every single 'Like' and 'Share' of these videos helps an unsigned artist reach out to a wider audience... without you it just couldn't be done so thank you!!!!

The latest episode features 'Ian Jeffs' and goes live tonight on my Facebook page at 7p tonight so be sure to check it out right here!


Much to my wifes annoyance (!!!) my phone now literally pings off all day every day with a whole bunch of new and up-and-coming musicians asking for help and advice which has resulted in the new 'Ask AWM' project being launched! Knowing how grateful I would have been 10 years ago to be able to turn to a fellow musician for advice, I make it my personal missIon to reply to every single enquiry... but rather than reply individually I decided to make a vlog series and post my answers and advice up for the whole world of up-and-coming musicians to watch.

I hope these episodes bring you value and as always - If you have any questions you feel I could help you with - don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact page here on my website!

As for my own musical career, things have been just as crazy as ever - and with the recent release of my second EP 'Streets to Stages' I'll be building momentum for the Festival season with appearances now booked at Homegrown Festival (where I'll be running a stage for the whole weekend!) and also Ely Folk Festival. For all my up-coming gig dates be sure to check out the 'Gigs' section of my website!!!!

Lastly, had just about enough time recently to record a cheeky little cover for you guys.... as always, let me know what you think of this...........



06 January 2017

January 2017

First off 'Happy new Year' to you all! With a grand total of 166 live gigs in 2016 its gonna be a tough year to try and top but I'm well up for the challenge!!!!

2017 has already seen its first episode of AWM TV and to kick things off with a bang we were lucky enough to have the incredible Dale Bennett along (minus his 'Incidentals) and I even got to play alongside him in this one!


With new episodes online every 2 weeks featuring the very best up-and-coming local musicians be sure to follow my page so you don't miss a single one!


 Also coming up at the beginning of next month will be the 5th Acoustic Night held in Thetford at The Charles Burrell Centre. It will feature the amazing Charlotte Sometimes as well as local singer-songwriter Nick Lowe A.K.A - Citiglow, and a full acoustic set from Dale Bennett and The Incidentals! Its going to be an absolute cracking night and we will also be joined by The Old Skool Bar keeping people refreshed with tier fully licensed bar! Check them out here... http://www.facebook.com/oldskoolbar2016

As a warm up to this I'll be playing a solo set at The Hideout in Thetford on 27th January...... Got so much love for the guys down there who are doing so much positive work for the people of Thetford so please come down and support them and me in what will be an awesome night!


As always thank you so much for all the support you have shown me so far, as an unsigned artist totally dependent on people spreading the word of my music I really cant tell you how much it means!

Til next month.....

Much Love!